Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
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Connecting You to the Perfect Manager
Get a free program listing, detailed program requirements report, expert industry guidance, program manager matching & referral support.


Connecting You to the Perfect Marketer
Get pre-screened program marketer referrals, informative marketer profiles, detailed program requirements report & unlimited, pre-educated marketer pool.

Prepaid Consulting
Seasoned prepaid professionals apply their market channel and product expertise to guide your card program from strategy to implementation.
Card Program Support
Specialized support groups help you fund, develop, operate and grow your card program.
Join Our LinkedIn Network
Relationship networking and discussion forum.
Customized program acquisition tool.
Prepaid 100: "Solving the Prepaid Puzzle
Explore the relationships, management and economics of a successful prepaid card program. This 6-part series is aimed at those launching a prepaid solution or simply gaining a deeper understanding of prepaid.
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