PEARLS connects marketers to capable and compatible program managers best suited to support their unique prepaid card program opportunity. PEARLS delivers program managers custom opportunities that are tailored to your capabilities and program experience. Please select a destination below.
matches prepaid card program managers with marketers to implement and support their custom program opportunities.

Program Marketers enter their card program opportunities into the online PEARLS LINKô matching engine. PEARLS analyzes the requested input, ascertains the card program requirements and identifies compatible program managers. Once matched, PEARLS facilitates the parties' meeting and brokers discussions leading to a possible service engagement. Throughout the process, PEARLS provides the marketer with unbiased knowledge required to help navigate them through the prepaid debit market.

delivers prepaid card program opportunities to PEARLS network-member program managers based on capabilities and compatibility. PEARLS pre-screens all marketer listings for viability and provides compatible managers with an informative program requirement report, marketer background and program profile.

In addition, PEARLS educates its marketer referrals on the nuances of the prepaid debits card industry so that the program manager doesn't have to.

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