delivers prepaid card program opportunities to PEARLS network-member program managers based on capabilities and compatibility. PEARLS pre-screens all marketer listings for viability and provides compatible managers with an informative program requirement report, marketer background and program profile.

In addition, PEARLS educates its marketer referrals on the nuances of the prepaid debits card industry so that the program manager doesn't have to.

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Share in a continued pipeline of qualified card program opportunities.
Receive periodic PEARLS Program Listings identifying marketers and their custom program opportunities.
Receive program opportunities targeted to your capabilities
The PEARLS matching engine captures and analyzes card program requirements to determine compatibility with your technology and product focus.
Work with educated and informed Program Sponsors
Prepaid Resources supports program marketers to define their product vision, identify component requirements and understand your concerns and perspectives.
Discounts on Prepaid Resource services or technology
Receive a 10% member savings when you utilize Prepaid Resources' CONNECTIONS™ services or PORTABLES™ technology
"Member Spotlight" webinar profiling your company
Host an Industry Insights™ webinar to introduce your products and services to a broad new audience.
Trade show exposure
Benefit from Prepaid Resources' active trade conference participation that connects your company across multiple industries.
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