Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Industry Insights
Industry Insights™ prepaid debit card industry education serves as a multi-layered tool to foster prepaid understanding, present key industry figures and showcase new products and services. The podcast series, entitled "Prepaid 100: Solving the Prepaid Puzzle", is a six-part overview exploring the relationships, management and economics of a successful prepaid card program.
Educational Podcast Series
"The Prepaid 100 Series: Solving the Prepaid Puzzle"
Explores the relationships, management and economics of a successful prepaid card program. This 6-part series is aimed at those launching a prepaid solution or simply gaining a deeper understanding of prepaid.
Prepaid 101 >> Getting Started: Understanding Prepaid
What is Prepaid all about? Distinguish Prepaid from Credit & Bank Debit products. What is meant by Closed Loop and Open Loop solutions? Explore the outlook for various prepaid opportunities and what it will take to launch your own prepaid program.
Prepaid 102 >> Selecting Partners: Making the Right Connections!
Spotlight on Networks, Bank Issuers, Processors, Program Managers, Resource Providers and Distributors. What are their roles and responsibilities? How do you select the right partners for your program? What considerations should you weigh in your selections? Ask the right questions and get the real answers.
Prepaid 103 >> Program Management: What's Right for You?
What program services will you require? Who is managing those services? Are they being managed productively? Tackle the critical issue of Program Management: Self Management vs. Program Manager. Evaluate the pros and cons. Understand the consequences of your decision.
Prepaid 104 >> Prepaid Economics: Knowing the Numbers
Define your program's direct and indirect income opportunities. Understand your potential transaction fees and other program costs. How will the timing of these costs match-up against your revenue? What internal or external factors may delay income or increase expenses? Prepare a strategy to address these key financial concerns.
Prepaid 105 >> Master Program Plan: Your Road Map to Success
You don't start a business without a business plan and you don't start a prepaid program without a master program plan. The master program plan is your blueprint, your communication tool, your measuring stick. Learn the elements of a successful Master Program Plan.
Prepaid 106 >> The Final Piece: Completing the Puzzle
Evolution is natural. In today's prepaid industry, you face increasingly restrictive regulations, continuous technological innovations, heightened competitive pressures, changing corporate landscapes, evolving consumer tastes, and more. Adaptability is the key to your program's survival and success. Find out how you can stay in control. Complete your knowledge of the prepaid puzzle by learning about the nuances of our nascent industry and staying ahead of the game.
* Course contents and schedule subject to change.

Barry J Kessler, CEO of Prepaid Resources, leads this 6-course webinar series filling-in the pieces you will need to know to launch your own prepaid card program. This series is aimed at those interested in developing a prepaid solution or simply gaining a deeper understanding of prepaid.

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