Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Direct Deposit Management

BenefitsDirect is a complete Direct Deposit Management Platform. The award-winning BenefitsDirect application enables banks, credit unions and prepaid card providers to capture and manage the direct deposit of recurring Federal Benefits, State Benefits and Payroll.

Multiple Enrollment Options
Multiple Enrollment Options
Federal Benefits
Capture recurring Social Security, SSI, Veterans, Civil Service Annuity & Railroad Retirement benefits
Accountholders avoid long lines, confusing directions, and Treaury's 'Direct Express®' prepaid card solicitations at the Federal Agency office
By March 2013, the Federal Government plans to totally eliminate paper benefit checks by converting to direct deposit over $700 billion annually for Social Security and SSI alone
State Benefits
Capture recurring unemployment, child support and other state-funded entitlement program benefits
Capture recurring payroll deposits
Convert accountholder lifecycle changes (e.g., unemployment, job changes) to direct deposit opportunities
"The benefits became apparent within 2 to 3 months after rolling out the service to our customer base. Client support and customer service are both personal and exceptional, and [the] performance level has exceeded our expectations." --- "The tool that BenefitsDirect provides opens the door to a large amount of positive customer experience potential." —AccountNow
"The feedback from customers has been great! Not having to burden them with taking this on themselves speaks for itself." —CashPass Network
"The collaboration with Prepaid Resources to enable our cardholders to have their government benefits direct deposited to their prepaid cards has been a win-win for our customers and us." —NetSpend
"I think it's amazing to see the "wow" factor that people have with this product. The ease of getting direct deposit with the BenefitsDirect service delivers an aspirational benefit, convenience, and access to our customers." --- "Everything about the product and service and support has been exemplary and exceeded expectations." --- "We've seen our direct deposit volumes grow at least 10 times the level we were seeing on a monthly basis prior to implementation of BenefitsDirect." —Pay-O-Matic
"I would recommend BenefitsDirect as the best way to effectively convert customers to enroll in direct deposit for their government benefits." --- "We have seen steady increases in cardholder retention [and] have been very pleased with the added value BenefitsDirect has brought to our customer experience and overall service offering." —PreCash
Complete Overview of BenefitsDirect™
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BenefitsDirect™ Overview
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BenefitsDirect™ Overview
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