Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Customized Program Submission Tool
As a prepaid provider, your success depends on selecting the "best" programs. Determining what is "best" requires a thorough examination of the market opportunity, the applicable technical requirements, and how those requirements fit with your platform capability and resource capacity. The breadth and complexity of prepaid applications combined with the sponsors' inability to articulate them continually tax your costly business development resources.

Capture provides the answer. Capture is an online interface that guides your client prospects through a user-friendly, non-technical series of inquiries identifying key program objectives, opportunity and requirements. Based on the responses provided, Capture generates response choices appropriate to the desired solution. The resulting Program Requirements Report gives you an efficient and inexpensive means to gauge the “value” of the opportunity.

How does Capture work?
  • Seamless Website Integration
    Capture sits on your own website customized with your own branding enabling your client prospects to share their card program opportunities in a confidentially-protected environment
  • Automates Requirements Gathering Process
    Capture extracts key details about the client prospect and the program, such as program type; network preference, marketer's assets and competitive differentiators, anticipated card volume, launch timeframe, program management strategy, card issuance and fulfillment needs, card loading, spending attributes and component functionality. The composite of these selections are delivered to you in the resulting Program Report
  • Facilitates Opportunity Evaluation
    With Capture, you can better utilize your business development resources. Focus your efforts on those opportunities with real earnings potential. Use the Program Report to organize and facilitate your program evaluation, planning and contracting processes
  • Improves Marketer Experience
    Capture engages your client prospect in a more personal way than just a mere e-mail inquiry can. Marketer submissions are acknowledged upon receipt and your follow-up "Accept" / "No Thanks" decisions communicated immediately thereafter.
  • Converts Unwanted Programs into a Revenue Annuity
    Saying "No thanks" doesn't have to be so painful. Through integration with PEARLS™, Provider Referral Listing Service, Capture can refer unwanted opportunities to an interested provider.
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